Current Course Offerings

Spring 2023

The Environmental Studies Minor circulates a schedule of approved classes offered across the campus each quarter to assist in course selection. Please note: Course offerings fluctuate and are subject to change. Please review the current and upcoming Schedule of Classes to find out if the course you want to take is offered in any given quarter. You may also contact the undergraduate coordinator in the corresponding campus department about their schedule for the entire academic year. 

Group A – Natural Sciences

BILD 3 - Organismic & Evolutionary Biology

BIEB 121 - Ecology Laboratory

CHEM 173 - Atmospheric Chemistry

ESYS 103 - Environmental Challenges: Science and Solutions

PHYS 12 - Energy and the Environment

SIO 10 - The Earth

SIO 16 - Geology of National Parks

SIO 35 - Water

Group B – Humanities and Social Science

ANAR 120 - Documenting Climate Change (**)

ANAR 146R - Feeding the World (**)

ECON 132 - Energy Economics

ECON 129 - Cities, Inequality, Innovation (**)

ENVR 102 – Food Justice

ENVR 102 – Ecofeminism, Art, and Activism

ENVR 140 – Wilderness and Human Values

ENVR 144 – Wilderness Training

ETHN 100C - Social Justice Praxis (**)

PHIL 164 - Technology and Human Values

USP 124 - Land Use Planning

Please note: Courses listed above that are italicized and marked with (**) are courses that have been approved for the Minor but must be updated on the degree audit. To make this update, please submit a request on the College Minor VAC once you have enrolled in the course.